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Group Origins is an exporter and supplier of food products. Our services of supply and exporting are enjoyed by global clients who are trusting us with sourcing products according to their customer demand and requirements.

Knowing our product sectors inside-out and using our trusted partners (product manufacturers mostly) we are not only passing on your sourcing requests to them. We act on your interest, negotiating the best mix of price, quantity, packaging, labeling and transport and we advise you on that. There is not preset deal or a predefined price. We believe in tailored service and we use this principle in our everyday business.

Selecting the suitable producer according to your requirements, financial viability and quantity/frequency of supply needed.

CERTIFICATION & SAFETY: Ensure product quality by having certifications checked (BRC, IFS, ISO, HACCP, Bio), public and financial profile of the producer to ensure continuity and reliability in supply.

LOGISTICS & TRANSPORTATION: Arrange the logistics by minimizing transportation costs, choosing the appropriate insurance, ensuring the safety of the product according to specifications.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Inspect and supervise the production physically by being on the location of packaging and transportation of the product in order to secure that the product is according to the client’s needs and the type/quality agreed on the terms.

NEGOTIATION: Negotiate on behalf of you in order to achieve the best possible price and the product requirements needed, in terms of labeling, analysis.

EXPORT PROCESS: Export process assistance, we will take care from production till delivery all the necessary paperwork, checks and reporting for you.

In a nutshell

why choose us

Choice of Producer

We work with producers of various food products and we choose them only if the comply with the highest quality & safety process certifications. We never source straight from a producer who has not passed our Producer Inspection & On-boarding process. This ensure all parties avoid surprises.

Product Quality

We make sure that the product has all the necessary food safety and food clearance certifications and is accompanied by food laboratory analyses. Also that the producer is certified by production quality protocols and the production facilities adhere to international quality well-known standards.

Deal Negotiation

On behalf of you we represent your interests and negotiate the best possible rates for the deal taking into account multiple factors such as quality, quantity, frequency, your image & profile, location, future continuance etc. We do not work with preset fees and tailor our margin to each case.

Supply Chain

We arrange the logistics by minimizing transportation costs, choosing the appropriate insurance, ensuring the safety of the product according to specifications. Taking care of all the necessary paperwork and adjusting to your needs.
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